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Courses - 2017

Contemporary art both reflects and develops a wider cultural and societal context. It is therefore important to have the tools to understand and master the artistic dialogue. We are constantly developing our courses to enable you to broaden and deepen your artistic skills and increase your critical ability.


Below you will find examples of our courses. The courses are only available to students admitted to Malmö Art Academy. The courses are designed to meet current student needs and are therefore changed every year. If you wish to read more about our previous courses, please consult our yearbooks.


Plast / Plastic

Lärare/Teacher: P-O Persson & David Nilsson

The course in handling plastics gives knowledge in laminating and casting of plastics, plus basic information about the safety prescriptions in the workshop. After finishing the course, you will get a “driver’s license” that permits you to work in the workshop on your own.


Teachers: P O Persson

The course will provide basic knowledge in Silicone- and cire-perdue casting. With the help of mould and silicone the students will produce objects/moulds in wax that they will cast bronze/aluminum in.

Introduction to Screenprinting

Teacher: Chuva Featherstone

This course introduces artists to screenprinting, one of the most versatile print mediums. Students gain a complete understanding of materials from coating and exposing a screen, to registration, use of stencils, and mixing inks. Direct emulsion photo screens allow students to work from handmade, photographic, text oriented, or digitally produced image sources.


The World Turned Upside Down: art and ethics in the rise of the ‘Stone Age South

Teacher: Sarat Maharaj and guest lecturers

“The World Turned Upside Down” will be held in a reconstructed version of the room where Professor Maharaj used to teach art history at the university on Sainsbury Island, Durban. Throughout the course, a number of lecturers from around the world will cover the different themes of the course: migration, colonialism, cosmic awakening, women in the historical accounts of apartheid and decolonisation of knowledge production. Read more here.

Walter Benjamin: A Prism

Teacher: Gertrud Sandqvist

Walter Benjamin’s ideas remain topical. He is the Frankfurt School representative who is most challenging (and perhaps fruitful) to study. He is also the most poetical and referenced representative of the group. We will pursue Benjamin’s ideas through the Arcades Project as the gigantic archive that nurtured some of his most important texts and read some of these in the light of the Arcades Project. Furthermore, we will engage with Benjamin’s epistemological model from The Origins of German Tragic Drama and the aphorisms from One Way Street. Hopefully, we will be able to sense the complexity of a thinker who was simultaneously a connoisseur of both books and toys, a flâneur with an interest in the neglected, obscure and bizarre, and a convinced adherent to Marxist historical materialism.


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