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Ingrid Furre - Olof Nimar - Mexico City

Smoke - Ingrid Furre & Olof Nimar - Opening: 26th of nov, 7pm

olof nimar

Bikini Wax

Benjamin Franklin 20
Interior 2, Colonial Escandon
Mexico City

There is something comfortable with the house, almost lazy. The carpet crumbles when John snuffles over the floor. People are home, but no one has turned on the lights. The concrete walls are raw, but pretty. John let his hand move over the rough surface. He can hear water boiling, a page of a newspaper being turned, but most of all Nathalie’s voice who is probably on the phone with her dad, who has just moved back from the Netherlands. There are clothes lying around, plants and books. One book is thicker than the others. It is the one I use as a pillow. It is about modernist architecture in India. Sandra and Una are waiting for the coffee to get ready. Una stares at the ceiling. Her gaze goes from one corner to the next. There is black tape wrapped around the cable that is connected to the dimly lit lamp in front of them. An unpleasant feeling goes through my body as I visualize how I touch the poorly connected cable. Sandra prefers to have her coffee at the stairs where she can think clearly. People are often moving things around, rearranging, refurnishing. To continuously care for the house is supposedly good for the feng shui. Una has taken her favourite position by the window. Sipping her cup of coffee while petting Lillan. Nathalie hangs up the phone and turns on some music. I think it is Tom Waits. Someone is on the roof. It is a friend of a friend. Una ask what I think about putting the striped sofa up there. I nod and smile. John immediately starts to lift one end of the sofa.

This is the first collaboration between Ingrid Furre and Olof Nimar. Furre is currently at a residency at SOMA.