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Studio visits

Regular studio visits is one of the most important pedagogical tools that Malmö Art Academy offers and they make an important part of the grade for the courses in individual studio practice. It is therefore very important that you sign up and show up for regular studio visits. Credits for individual studio work is mainly based on the teachers report from the studio visit. The studio visits lists, where you can sign up for studio visits, will from now on be distributed digitally. Charlotte will notify you when it is possible to  sign up.

The academy’s teachers are generally fully booked and you have to respect the times! Read the chapter about individual studio work thoroughly.

NOTE! To be granted the courses in individual studio practice demands of you to have at least one (1) studio visit each semester with our professors and in addition also studio visits with our teachers and/or external tutors. Professors at Malmö Art Academy are: Gertrud Sandqvist, Joachim Koester, Emily Wardill and Fredrik Vaerslev.  You will be notified about the possibility to sign up by e-mail from Charlotte.

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