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It is the second year that the courses kicks off for real. The basic idea is that you have two courses in your own work and the other two courses. The course in "Economics and Law" is mandatory for all.

If you have very little points for courses, you should talk to the Gertrud Sandqvist about the possibility of re-admission to courses or opportunities to obtain extra course in their own work. These courses in your own work requires frequent studio visits which is an extremely important part of teaching at our school.

The courses are allocated at the beginning of each semester, the courses are either up in one or two weeks. Don't wait too long to sign up.

When the admission process for courses is completed, the courses is posted on the bulletin board again, now only with the names of those who are admitted. You will also recieve an e-mail so it is important that you have provided a valid e-mail address to the administration.

When you are admitted to the course it is compulsory, if you are unable to attend, it is important that you notify both the teacher and the administration. If so, you have been admitted to courses that partly collide with each other, it is good to talk to the respective teachers in charge of the courses and see if it can be solved in some way so that you can read these courses in parallel.

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