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BFA3 - examination

Fall semester consists of courses and individual work, you choose courses in the fall but in the spring semester you'll work with your thesis. During the spring term, it is also time for your graduation exhibition at the gallery. You will be called to meetings on the exam process during the fall semester.

The BFA thesis examination consits of two components:

1. Creative work

Tutored by the academy's lecturers. Judged, after the group exhibition in the academy's gallery KHM, by professors at MAA. In addition the supervision from an eternal examiner functions as a "safety guarantee". We invite a Scandinavian renowed curator or artist to perform this task.

2. Text

No more than five pages. Tutored by professor Gertrud Sandqvist and judged after the seminar by the faculty. The text should be descriptive rather than analytical and focus on the artistic environment in which students come from and work in. The form of the essay is relatively free, but all texts must have correct bibliographical references. Use the Chicago manual of style!

Instructions for the BFA3 text seminar:

Each of you will have one fellow student to oppose on.

Read carefully through the text, mark both questions and aspects you find interesting in the text.

Start the opposition by making a summary of the content, and ask the author of the text if s/he agrees (this is for making sure that you haven't misunderstood anything in the text). After your go-through, the author will answer, and the discussion between you two goes on for app 15 minutes.

Then the professors will give their comments, and finally the discussion is opened for the whole group. Each of you will have one hour for the whole text. 

When you defend your text: think through your arguments! If there are mistakes that you immediately want to correct, do so.

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