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During the first semester, you should apply for courses on the bulletin board outside offices. The basic idea is that you have two courses in their own work and two other courses. Courses in their own work, you don't need to apply for. Studio visits are still an important part of the independent work.

Course descriptions are posted at the beginning of each semester and will be up for one or two weeks. Donät wait to long to sign up. It is sometimes so that a specifik course starts quickly and course selection occurs slightly earlier than the final date.

If you have very little points for courses, you should talk to the Gertrud Sandqvist about the possibility of re-admission to courses or opportunities to obtain extra course in their own work.

During the spring term there are always a class trip to a city of relevance for contemporary art.

Are you a new student and want to have the opportunity to have a  "license" to the workshops? Contact Hakan Nyqvist. Are you new to the school you also take part in the autumn term exhibition "New Students".

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