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Project grants

To apply for a project grant
Applications for project grants are considered at every meeting with the institutional board, thus approximately once a month.

When you apply for a grant the application must be handed in at the latest 10 days before the date of the meeting. The application should be handed in to Lotta Österberg.

The pedagogical aim with the project grant is that the students shall be trained to write project applications in which a well-defined artistic project is described and presented.

The application must consist of a written project description, a motivation and a project budget. The budget must clearly state if Swedish VAT (moms) is included or not. Remember that purchases made outside of Sweden do not have deductible VAT.

The following applies for project grants:

  • A project application must include a project description, a motivation and a budget.
  • ­No contribution will be granted to material costs in connection with your regular work.
  • No contribution will be granted to cover travel costs (exemptions may be made in extraordinary occasions).
  • No contribution will be granted to hire/employ a person*.
  • No contribution will be granted to an already performed and completed project.
  • No contribution will be granted graduating students since they already have a grant for their exam project.
  • No contribution will be granted graduating students since they already have a grant for their exam project.
  • No contribution will be granted for already performed or terminated projects.
  • The teachers will take into consideration whether the project is a new approach or has a significant meaning to the applicant’s work when considering the application.

If you get a grant

In order to avoid spending own money and wait for reimbursement you can preferably:

Go to Lotta and get a requisition valid in a specific store. The store will send an invoice directly to the school.
Ask the technicians to make an order directly in the name of Malmö Art Academy.

You can also pay yourself and get reimbursed later on when you hand in the receipt:

If you make smaller purchases and/or at companies that do not accept requisitions or send invoices you can pay with your own money, cash or card, and afterwards be reimbursed by the school by handing in your receipt. The school can only reimburse you if the receipt is complete, that is that the following facts are stated on the receipt:

the company name
date of purchase

And if Swedish receipts:

the company’s VAT number
the VAT specified

Regarding the VAT it doesn’t matter if it’s the school that pays via an invoice or if you pay yourself and are reimbursed later.

Normally Lotta will transfer the money to your bank account. Then the name of your bank, the clearing number and your account number is needed. If it isn’t a Swedish bank account the name of the bank, the BIC/SWIFT code and the IBAN number of your account is needed.

It is possible to use the budget to buy prints and material in the school shop. Inform the staff that it is your exam budget you are using.

Project grant money is public funds targeted at Lund University and there are specific rules regulating the use of these funds. Goods that do not have the character of consumable material but have a more lasting value, such as technical equipment, are classified as the university’s property. Therefore the department board will not grant any funds for that kind of expenses. However, it is ok to rent equipment but always check with the technicians first.

* It is very costly to employ a person. In addition to the fee you must pay social costs and the person you engage must pay tax on the money earned. Therefore no contribution will not be granted for this kind of costs.



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