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Loaning and returning equipment is managed Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00-10:30 in the equipment room at Båghallarna. Make your equipment-reservations on the booking list outside the equipment room.

To be able to borrow you must deposit 600 SEK and read and sign the current loan-agreement. The deposition will be refunded after finished studies provided you have no current loans or debts. In order to be refunded you need a receipt from Sophie Ljungblom confirming this.

The loaning periods are Monday to Thursday, Wednesday to Monday or Thursday to Wednesday. If you don't return things on time you'll be suspended from loans for as long as the delay has lasted. For delays in returning photo-, video- or sound-equipment another two weeks will be added to that suspension.

You are personally responsible for the equipment you borrow and thus liable to pay compensation in case of damage or loss. Therefore a householder´s insurance is usually a good solution. Check carefully what is covered by your particular insurance company! Don't ever lend equipment that you have borrowed to someone else. As long as a loan is registered on you, you're the one responsible for it. That means that you'll have to compensate for any lost or broken items.