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Lund University promotes environmental protection in its departments and we must all strive to manage the materials we use and the waste we produce in the best way possible.

You are responsible to make sure that any material leftovers are placed in the container for miscellaneous waste (blandavfall) in the yard. Keys to the container are found by the door to the annex and by the notice-board downstairs. There are recycle bins for paper placed on each floor. (NB! For paper only!!!) Domestic waste shall be placed in the waste bin in the student’s kitchen and not in the container. Glass bottles and batteries shall be taken to the basement and put in the allocated recycle bins.

Paint and solvents
Cabinets to store paint and solvents are placed on each floor by the studios. It is not allowed to store solvents in the studios. Left-over paint and solvents must not be flushed down in the drain. NB! Cadmium is a very dangerous pollutant and use of artists' paints with cadmium is not allowed! Consult with the technicians if you are uncertain.

Some of the workshops have appointed student monitors that help control and keep the premises in order, but naturally, all students must clean up after themselves and help keep all common rooms and areas (for example the photo laboratory, the computer room, the workshops, the annex, the student coffee rooms, the video studio, the library) tidy and in order. No material or completed pieces of art may be kept in the hallways or stairs. Together, the students with studios on the same floor are responsible for making sure that the common areas on that floor are kept in order. This also goes for the brush wash-rooms on the floor three, four and five.

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