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Due to the recent relocation we are still working ona solution for the  the waste managment and and Båghallarna. You will be notified shortly were you can leave your garbage.

Lund University promotes environmental protection in all its departments, which means we all must strive to be careful with the materials we use and manage the waste we produce in the best way possible.

You are responsible for making sure your leftover work materials are placed in the container for miscellaneous waste (brännbart). Incombustible waste, such as metal or plasterboards, are not allowed, and will have their own small containers in Båghallarna. It is not allowed to place general household waste in any of these containers!

Recycle bins for paper will be placed on each floor. NB! For paper only!

You will also get containers in your students' kitchen. One container for general household waste, one for clean plastic containers, one for clean metal containers and one for paper.

Glass bottles and batteries must be placed in their allocated recycle bins.

At Dimman you need to separate your waste in the following cathegories:

Food waste
Corrugated cardboard
Paper packaging
Office Paper
Plastic packaging
Metal packaging
Fluorescent / light sources
Electrical waste

Paint and solvents
Cabinets to store paint and solvents are placed on each floor by the studios. It is not allowed to store solvents in the studios. Left-over paint and solvents must not be flushed down in the drain. NB! Cadmium is a very dangerous pollutant and use of artists' paints with cadmium is not allowed! Consult with the technicians if you are uncertain.

At Båghallarna you will find three stations where you can wash your brusches. Pouring leftover paints and solvents down the drain is against Swedish environmental protection law (Miljöbalk 1998:808). Please note that all use of cadmium pigments is strictly prohibited, due to its long-term environmental effects. In case of any uncertainty please consult a technician.


Everyone must keep good order and clean up after themselves and help to keep all common rooms and areas tidy and in order. The students are, with exception for the floors, responsible for the cleaning and for keeping order in the student’s kitchen.

The students with studios housing a certainthe same floor answers are jointly responsible for making sure that those common areas on that floor are kept in order. This also goes for the brush wash stations.

Material, furniture and artwork that are kept in corridors or stairways without permission will be removed and thrown away.

NOTE: Due to the recent relocation we are still working ona solution for the  the waste managment and and Båghallarna. You will be notified shortly were you can leave your garbage.

Discrimination, harassment and victimisation

All meetings between employees and students are to be characterised by mutual respect and there is zero tolerance for discrimination and other forms of victimisation. Students are covered by the Swedish Work Environment Act and are entitled to a good work environment, both physical and psychosocial. The principal at your academy is responsible for your work environment.

If you feel mistreated or offended, regardless of how, it is important to remember that you are entitled to a good work environment. In practice, this means that you can contact the academy’s principle or another employee to get help. If you do not think it is a good idea to talk to anyone at school there are other ways to do that, you can contact the Student Health Centre or the Student Representative of Lund University Student Union.

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