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Fire alarm and evacuation

The Academy has a fire alarm directly connected to the fire brigade. In case of alarm, a signal sounds in all corridors. It is important to always get directly out to the schoolyard, which is the meeting place. Please knock on studio doors on your way out, to alert everyone on that they have to get out. Always check the evacuation boards, placed on every floor, for alternative evacuation routes.
The evacuation plans is attached and you need to know the ways to evacuate.


It happens unfortunately, that unauthorized person tries and succeeds in entering the school. Therefore we urge attention and caution!

    Do not let anyone in (anyone who does not belong at school)
    Do not leave the studio door unlocked
    Report immediately to staff if you see unauthorized persons in the building
    Do not expose yourself for risks at any time - call 112 in case of emergency or LU's emergency telephone 046-222 07 00 (+46 46 222 07 00) Do not forget to dial zero first if you are calling from an internal phone!

LU`s emergency phone goes to security or the University’s emergency service officer who is on duty around the clock. Securitas is employed for surveillance missions. LU`s emergency phone can be used by everyone, both students and employees. The alternative is to call the police - 112.

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