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I gave my love a cherry that had no stone

  • Emily Wardill
Publishing year: 2016
Language: English
Document type: Artistic work

Abstract english

Holding in her mind Dorothea Tanning’s painting Some Roses and their Phantoms(1952) and its sickening presentation of objects as between states of being, Wardill made a film that also hovers between definitions. The architecture of the Gulbenkian auditorium in Lisbon, its colours and sense of being lost in time accompany us through a loop where a man wanders the building at night, followed by something that is not human. Through the care and paranoia with which she approaches the digital image, the artist investigates the haunting of the present by the past and the remnants of textures longing to be touched.

The film has been shown at

CAC , Geneva , Switzerland.
Gulbenkian Project Spaces, Lisbon, Portugal.
Altman Siegal Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Faena Art Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Visual Arts


E-mail: emily [dot] wardill [at] khm [dot] lu [dot] se