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Albin Skaghammar - Goodbye

albin skaghammar
Master Exhibition, Malmö Art Academy 21 February–7 March 2020 Opening Friday 21 February 17–20

Goodbye is a fictitious murder. There is something here which departs from what could be called the everyday. In its simplicity, it certainly reminds me of my bedroom closet, here is Casablanca, here is Beauty and the Beast.


There are more familiar things in this room. A door with an axe in it. Stories and articles, recorded, written down and retold. Repeated many times throughout the years. These are real events, fragments, deeds actually committed. There are texts behind headlines and screenplays.

Objects appear in these texts, clues concerning who and why. How things really happened. These objects are disjointed and brought here, to KHM2. I'm thinking of the hole in the wall.


In Albin Skaghammar's images (yes, I see all of these objects as images), a limit is exceeded. In the lipstick on the mirror, in the words formed into an erotic fuck you, the stereotypical image becomes real. The walls of glass are shattered. The perfume leaks out. Perhaps, it is when the bottle cracks that hungry eyes starts to glisten and the idol comes into being. You become my idol because you fell apart in front of me.


I see a desire to destroy everything, since everything in a way already has been destroyed. There are reasons to trespass the imaginary boundaries of the commonplace. The reason being that it is impossible not to, however, it is unpleasant and should preferably be kept out of sight. What's been made visible here is the contrast between the everyday objects, the simple forms. The cheap frame. A small gesture that speaks about the violence which the frames of life is guilty of. In the background a song is playing: True Faith.


Julia Sjölin



Kulturhuset Mazetti, 3rdfloor

Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Wed–Fri 12–18

Sat–Sun 12–16

21 February 2020 17:00 to 7 March 2020 16:00
Gallery KHM2

About the event

21 February 2020 17:00 to 7 March 2020 16:00
Gallery KHM2