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Anders Tornberg Gallery

The Anders Tornberg Gallery is now archived at Skissernas Museum in Lund.

Anders Tornberg
BILD: Ingemar D Kristiansen

Through a generous donation to Lund University from Inger Hägglund Tornberg , some material of the Anders Tornberg Gallery can be made available for research.

For this purpose, a room has been arranged at Malmö Art Academy. There, the gallery’s whole correspondence and reference library, originals to the very special vernissage cards, a well-known part of the Gallery’s work, multiples and art books published by the gallery and a generous selection of works exhibited at the gallery and that have been included in the art collection of Inger Hägglund Tornberg.

Furthermore, a rich press archive, also including tapes from the TV programs produced through the years showing important exhibitions of the gallery. All included, the donation gives a unique picture of how an art gallery is built. The donation was made by Inger Hägglund Tornberg to Lund University’s principal Boel Flodgren on December 17, 2002.

Vernissagecards: 271 st
Orginal artwork: 48 st
Multiples: 22 st
Small artwork installed as a unit: 71 st
Anders Tornberg Gallerys referencelibrary: 500 catalouges and the periodical "Artforum".
Correspondences, reviews, newspaper clippings, installationsphotos: 18 folders
By Anders Tornberg Gallery released books: 12 ea.
Sketchmaterial, proposals, drawings, drafts for vernissagecards
The gallery's workfolders, per artist: approx 100 ea.
12 years everyday correspondence with poems/picture from the artist Susan Weil, dedicated to Anders Tornberg during the period 1/1 1985-29/7 1997
Cassettes with interviews and films from:
The programme "Bildjournalen" TV 1 1992-1998
The programme "Nike" TV2 1997
The programme "Nyhetsmorgon" TV 4 1997
The programme "Beckerell" ZTV 1994-1997
Photoarchives of donated artwork och multiples

Opening cards
The donation contains 271 opening cards. The opening cards were in many cases special and differential for the gallery's marketing.
In many cases it was the artists themselves who designed the vernissagecards. In the donationroom there are also sketchmaterial, proposals and drafts for vernissagecard.

In connection with the opening of the donationroom a book was published with the title "Anders Tornberg Gallery":

Table of contents:
A conversation between Inger Hägglund Tornberg and Gertrud Sandqvist
A text by Paul Osipow
A text by Nils-Eric Sahlin
A text by Jimmie Durham
List of vernissagecards
List with colour pictures of the original art in the collection

Typographer and layout by Gert Fors
64 pages, 78 colourillustrations
ISBN 91-88292-29-0

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