Gallery KHM1 + KHM2


At the student art galleries, KHM1 and KHM2, the students have the opportunity to exhibit their work in well-functioning and flexible exhibition spaces. In the beginning of every schoolyear, early in autumn, all new students admitted to the Bachelor and Master programme present their works in a group exhibition. During the rest of the school year master students present their individual graduation shows at KHM1 and KHM2. All exhibitions are open to the public.

Address KHM1: Friisgatan 15b
Address KHM2: Berggatan 29: Mazetti plan 3

The Annual exhibition, one of the big events in the spring semester, takes place within Malmö Art Academy’s premises at Båghallarna, during ten days in May.  

Exhibitions 2021


Louise Hammer    29/1-13/2
BFA3 - exhibition  12/3-27/3
Rebecca Lindsmyr   2/4-17/4
Anne Gammelgaard Kristensen  23/4-8/5
Elisabet Birta Sveinsdottir  14/5-29/5
Carina Emery  4/6-19/6
Sofie Amalie Andersen  25/6-10/7
Øystein Sølberg  13/8-28/8


Fanny Hellgren   29/1-13/2
Karl Eivind Jørgensen  19/2-6/3
BFA3  12/3-27/3
Elisabet Anna Kristjansdottir  2/4-17/4
Olle Helin   23/4-8/5
Dag Kewenter  14/5-29/5
Filip Vest  4/6-19/6
Dagmar Kestner  13/8-28/8