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Gallery KHM1 + KHM2


At the student art galleries, KHM1 and KHM2, the students have the opportunity to exhibit their work in well-functioning and flexible exhibition spaces. In the beginning of every schoolyear, early in autumn, all new students admitted to the Bachelor and Master programme present their works in a group exhibition. During the rest of the school year master students present their individual graduation shows at KHM1 and KHM2. All exhibitions are open to the public.

Address KHM1: Friisgatan 15b
Address KHM2: Berggatan 29: Mazetti plan 3

The Annual exhibition, one of the big events in the spring semester, takes place within Malmö Art Academy’s premises at Båghallarna, during ten days in May.  

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Exhibitions 2020


Anna Andersson 31/1-15/2
Jasmine Christensson 21/2-7/3
BFA3 13/3-28/3
Julia Sjölin 3/4-18/4
Frederikke Jul Vedelsby 24/4-9/5
Helen Haskakis 15/5-30/5
Marie Vedel 5/6-20/6
Zahra Moin Najafabadi 10/8-29/8


Maria Jacobsson 31/1-15/2
Albin Skaghammar 21/2-7/3
BFA3 13/3-28/3
Samaneh Roghani 3/4-18/4
Nadja Ericsson 24/4-9/5
Oskar Persson 15/5-30/5
Benjamin Harder Harpsøe 5/6-20/6
Mads Kristian Frøslev 26/6-12/7