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Our workshops are located in Båghallarna, Föraregatan 4 and at Dimman, Bergsgatan 20. Our technicians work at Båghallarna week days 8 pm-4 am and at Dimman aso 8 pm – 4 pm.


At Båghallarna we have fully equipped workshops for work with advanced molding, metal, plastics and silicone. In addition to our own modern workshops the academy also has a well developed collaboration with workshops in Malmö. For example at Monumentalverkstaden we can work with bronze and aluminium casting and at Digitala Bildverkstaden with 3D printing. We think it is important that the future artists already during training may establish contact with the professional resources available outside of the academy.

Wood workshop (Båghallarna)
Technicians in charge are Håkan Nyqvist and Ariel Alaniz. The workshop is fully equipped with stationary machinery and equipment for working with wood. Additional handheld machines and special tools can be borrowed at the Equipment Room. Students can also provide basic material such as MDF 6 and 12 mm at cost price.

Workshop for metal and mouldmaking (Båghallarna)
Technicians in charge are Håkan Nyqvist and Ariel Alaniz. It is fully equipped for work with ceramics, plaster, plastic and metal. We also have a plastics workshop for polyester casting and fiberglass laminating and Workshop for mould making in clay, plaster, alginate, wax, silicone.

Computer room (Dimman)
Technician in charge is Joakim Sima. In addition to a number of  workstations with up to date softwares for work with digital media and photography here is also one Imacon scanner, two Epson flatbed scanners and a Epson large format printer. Also in the computer room we have a MakerBot 3D-printer. Technician in charge is Olof Broström.

Photo lab (Båghallarna)
Technician in charge is Kristian Nordström Kimbré. The two labs are equipped for developing and printing of black and white photography. For printing of color copies there is a professional Epson printer.

Photo studio (Båghallarna)
Responsible technician is Kristian Nordström Kimbré The studio is fully equipped with various backdrops, greenscreens, studio lights, bouncers, studio flash units and more.

Screen workshop

Sound studio (Dimman)
Technician in charge is Joakim Sima. In the soundstudio the students can work with both digital and analog equipment. The studio has Logic Pro, ProTools, Native Instruments software synthesizers and MAX/MSP.

Video editing (Dimman)
Technician in charge is Sophie Ljungblom. We have four studios with fully equipped MacPro computers for work with video editing. The workstations are installed with up-to-date softwares such as Final Cut Studio Pro, Adobe Suite with After Effects and Premiere and Autodesk Creation Suite with softwares as Maya and Mudbox. We also have recorders for DV, DVCAM and HDV.

For video shooting we currently have a number of DVCAM, HD, HDV, XDCAM and Canon EOS 5D cameras for the students to loan.

3D print (Dimman)
Using the 3D printer, Makerbot Z18, students can print objects at sizes up to 305 x 305 x 457 with a biodegradable PLA material. Tutoring and guidance in 3D scanning and printing is provided by Margot Edström, Junior Lecturer, and on Thursdays by Olof Broström, technician.

Printer/copy machine
There is a printer/copy machine at Dimman, Mazetti and Båghallarna where you can print, copy or scan material. Information about using the machines can be found at
Read more about copying and sharing protected material within higher education institutions.

Project Studios
We have three project studios located in Båghallarna. PO Persson is the teacher responsible and he distributes the studios. All questions concerning our project studios should be directed to him. Information on application for the project studios will be mailed out, twice a year, where last date of application will be stated and application form will be attached. The allotment will be notified through mail and will be posted on the noticeboard outside the administration.


For the moment there is no storage room for students works etc. You need to store your things in your studio. For safety reasons you are not allowed to store anything in corridors or common spaces. For temporary storage of boards there are shelves outside the wood-workshop.



Students are admitted to the workshops only after training in how to use the machines and equipment. During the first weeks of fall semester, All first year students will during the first weeks be taught how to use the computers and software in the computer room and the video editing tools in the video editing room. All new students are also trained to use the machines in the wood workshop. Admission to the workshops is granted after the student has completed a course in a specific technique.

The general policy is that working alone must be limited as much as possible. Working alone in connection with hazardous work is not allowed at Malmö Art Academy. It is of greatest importance that you are attentive to the risk of working alone by the machines in the wood workshop and in all workshops in Båghallarna. Always inform the responsible technician if you intend to work in the wood workshop or if you intend to use machines classified as risky in Båghallarna. Do not hesitate to contact the technician if you have any questions or concerns.

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