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Maj Hasager

Maj Hasager


Maj Hasager

We will meet in the blind spot

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  • Maj Hasager

Summary, in English

The film ”We will meet in the blind spot” takes its point of departure from the architecture in and around the Esposizione Universale di Roma (EUR) area in Rome. The EUR was built during the fascist rule and was meant to be the site of the World Exposition in 1942, in addition to being a celebration of the 20-year jubilee for fascism in Italy. The World Exposition in 1942 never took place due to WWII, and the area intended as Mussolini’s “Third Rome” wasn’t completed until the 1960’s – though not in the shape the utopian project was given from the onset. Since then Italian filmmakers have made extensive use of EUR as an exterior location. We will meet in the blind spot is intended as a document of stories and voices that are often lacking in the discussion on migration, both in an Italian context as well as within a broader European perspective. Through encounters with a local Filipino community that is centred around a church in EUR, stories and voices were revealed and the film departs from their personal accounts. In the film, which is situated between documentary and fiction, the focus is on leisure time, interests described by individuals in the group and referencing scenes from Italian film of the 60’s. HD film, 38 min in Italian - with English subtitles


  • Malmö Art Academy

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Maj Hasager


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