The Malmö Art Academy is an internationally renowned fine arts programme at Lund University, one of Sweden´s strongest universities and of high international standing. Malmö Art Academy is a state-financed school with approximately 80 students and forms together with Malmö Academy of Music, Malmö Theatre Academy and Inter Arts Center, the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University.

The Malmö Art Academy management consists of rector Maj Hasager and a director Silvana Hed.

The Department Board is the top decision-making body at the academy. It consists of three members of the teaching staff (including principal), the director, one member of the technical and administrative personnel and two student representatives. The Departmental Board meets once a month. The student representatives usually meet one week before the Board meeting. The Workshop Committee consists of five students, all the technicians and engineers, one teacher and the director. The Committee advises on the organization of and equipment in the workshops. Decisions are made by the Departmental Board. The Budget Committee consists of the head of department, the director, two teachers, three students and the financial administrator. Decisions are made by the Departmental Board.