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Marion von Osten

Marion von Osten is an artist, writer, researcher and exhibition maker. Beyond her artistic practice, she initiates long term research and collaborative project exhibitions. In her PHD project she investigates the colonial legacy of the division of applied and non-applied Arts. She retraces discourses on vernacular architecture in colonial and post-colonial times, as well as testimonies of visual artists of the anti-colonial and independence period on Arts and Crafts, their search for a post-colonial aesthetic, alternative art educations and trans-local economies. Following concrete cases, Marion von Osten's recent reflections on contemporary discourses about creativity, the entrepreneurial self and education reforms will be reshaped, questioned and twisted with this study.

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Marion von Osten
E-mail: marion [dot] von_osten [at] khm [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Malmö Art Academy