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Paul Gilroy

Malmö Art Academy offers high-quality Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in fine art to train students for professional artistic practice. Malmö Art Academy also has a well-reputed research studies programme.

During your studies you will have opportunities to realise your visions and dreams and create a strong professional identity. You will be part of inspiring new settings and have the chance to specialise in the areas that interest you most. In order to develop your skills, you will have access to Malmö Art Academy’s premises and your own studio around the clock.

Malmö Art Academy strives to offer an environment in which everyone can thrive. Students with disabilities are requested to contact us following admission so that we can plan the support you need to complete your studies.                                           

At Malmö Art Academy, you have opportunities to specialise in the artistic process that interests you. Almost all our courses are elective. You have a large amount of free choice and it is largely up to you to shape your own programme of study.

Our programmes and courses are of a high artistic and academic standard and are run by a teaching team with extensive artistic expertise. Your personal development and the interaction between you and your tutor are in focus throughout your studies. The staff who teach at Malmö Art Academy are practising artists or art theorists. Most have had international careers as artists, theorists and researchers.

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