Admission to the later stage of a programme (transfer)

If you are already admitted to and pursue studies on a fine arts programme at another higher education institution, you can apply for admission to the later stage of a programme at Malmö Art Academy. This means that you apply to be admitted to one of our programmes at the year of study corresponding to the one you are in. Admission to the later stage of a programme is only allowed occasionally and subject to an available place on the programme concerned.

Applications for transfer are processed once per semester according to a procedure separate from regular admissions. The applicant must satisfy the admission requirements for the fine arts programme at Malmö Art Academy and have completed the components of the programme previous to the semester applied for. The decision on admission is made by a jury appointed by the Academy Board and based on an assessment of work samples, a personal written statement and a possible interview. The jury’s decision will not include a justification and cannot be appealed.

The deadline for transfer applications is April 1 for the autumn semester and November 1 for the spring semester.

The application form is available here.