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Courses - 2017

Contemporary art both reflects and develops a wider cultural and societal context. It is therefore important to have the tools to understand and master the artistic dialogue. We are constantly developing our courses to enable you to broaden and deepen your artistic skills and increase your critical ability.


Below you will find examples of our courses. The courses are only available to students admitted to Malmö Art Academy. The courses are designed to meet current student needs and are therefore changed every year. If you wish to read more about our previous courses, please consult our yearbooks.

Analyzing your own artistic work


Optional MFA-level course. Teacher: Gertrud Sandqvist

The course offers a model for analysing your own work and training in analysing images. Students analyse works by other students, and listen when their own work is analysed by the others. The course serves as an introduction to the analytical component of the MFA exam. The course offers close analysis of the students’ own work in group seminars. The method is simple. It aims at giving students tools for thorough analysis of individual works and an understanding of how viewers understand their work. If it is relevant and if the participants wish, we will also read image theory that might be applicable to the students’ work.

Close up

Valbar kurs på BFA nivå. Lärare: Emily Wardill

The course 'Close up' comprises of a series of close readings of a variety of art works embodying very different practices.

Looking at actual pieces of art rather than working from a theoretical foundation will allow us to probe the works themselves rather than using them as illustrations of ideas. We will be investigating their form, their histories, the artist's intent, their context and our own relationship towards them. 'Close up' will allow us to investigate work in a way that is both analytical and inventive, to acknowledge that writing and speaking are creative acts that run in tandem to the art work and respect the artwork as a form of communication. Each work chosen may also be a portal from which to investigate time and place – economically, historically and politically and a point from which a young artist recognises their own concerns and interpretations.

Enrolling the Unknown Part II (written assignment)

Valbar kurs på MFA-nivån. Lärare: Laura Hatfield & Matthew Rana

As part of the course Enrolling the Unknown, students will write critical texts that examine meeting points between art and critical pedagogy. In the process course participants will strengthen their research skills, while forming an analysis of their position in relation to the field.

Practise Practice: Thinking through the visual

Valbar kurs på MFA-nivån. Lärare: Matts Leiderstam och Maj Hasager

In the course Practise Practice we look at artistic knowledge and the broad term artistic research from the perspective of an artistic practice. We will discuss different modes of research and long-term perspectives/strategies in art practices. We will also look at differences between working inside the academic world and working with art institutions, and the potential instrumentalisation of artists.



Valbar kurs på MFA-nivån. Lärare: Hannah Jickling och Helen Reed

As a condensed course, Weird Charisma will survey artworks produced and experienced alongside children, both inside and outside of institutional learning environments. Together we will explore perspectives on childhood, hierarchies of taste, power and cultural capital through readings, discussions, exercises and lectures.

Economy and Law for Students


Mandatory BFA2-Level course. Teacher: Christina Wainikka Jur dr

After completing the course the students are to have a basic understanding of economic and legal issues. They are to understand fundemantal concepts and understand the impact of economic and legal issues may have on their future activities. The students shall also understand the impact that intellectual property rights may have both on their own protection and their possibilities to be inspired by others. The students are to have an understanding for the effect of different types of agreements, including how agreements can be a part of the creative process. After completing the course the students are also to understand the difference between different kinds of associations and have a basic understanding for the demands regarding accounting.

The societal analysis of refugees

Optional MFA-level course. Teachers: Gertrud Sandqvist

Critical Theory is a concept. Using this enormously powerful tool for analysis and reflection on society, culture and politics, we understand the world. This approach – critical, bold, hypothetical – was developed under the heaviest political and human pressure imaginable. Its main agents, Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Eric Fromm, Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse, were persecuted in Germany and subsequently fled to the USA as refugees during the world’s worst war so far. During the course, we will study central texts from the Frankfurt School, but also try to understand how their concept of “dialectical thinking” worked and practise applying it. We will test, in our own era, the primary thesis of the Frankfurt School: that the culture industry of capitalism gets us to desire oppression, with its words, to become the sado-masochists of power.



Optional BFA-level course. Teacher: Margit Brundin

The course is intended as an introduction to pottery using ceramics, and dealing with the different techniques and the stages in the process leading to the final object.



Optional BFA-level course. Teacher: P-O Persson & David Nilsson

The course in handling plastics gives knowledge in laminating and casting of plastics, plus basic information about the safety prescriptions in the workshop. After finishing the course, you will get a “driver’s license” that permits you to work in the workshop on your own.



Optional BFA-level course. Teachers: Robert Cassland, P O Persson and Ariel Alaniz

Through this course you gain knowledge about different welding techniques such as mig- and gas-welding as well as information about the security regulations for the different techniques. After the course you will receive a “driver’s license” that allows you to work on your own with the welding equipment.

Mini Seminar for Painters


Optional BFA-level course. Teacher: Viktor Kopp

This mini seminar for painters is a chance to present ongoing or finished works to the group and a guest teacher. This is an opportunity to discuss different aspects of your work, concept, method, thought process, inspiration or what have you in an informal setting among fellow painters.

16mm film – the fundamentals


Optional BFA-level course. Teacher: Joachim Koester and Sophie Ljungblom and in collaboration with Ulrik Heltoft and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

This course is designed as an introduction to the fundamental skills involved in making 16mm film. The students will learn how to use a 16mm camera, how to measure and set lights, and also 16mm film editing: how to cut and splice the film and use a Steenbeck editing table.

PHOTOGRAPHY –  creative perspectives

Optional BFA-level course. Teachers: Maria Hedlund and Johan Österholm

A course for those who wants to begin, develop, extend and deepen individual photographical projects. A possibility to try out ideas and to see and discover what might come out. We will go through cameras, light-setting, scanning, analog and digital printing and other things, depending of what’s required.


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