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Examples of courses offered during the fall semester 2019

Contemporary art both reflects and develops a wider cultural and societal context. It is therefore important to have the tools to understand and master the artistic dialogue. We are constantly developing our courses to enable our students to broaden and deepen their artistic skills and critical ability. The courses are only available to students admitted to Malmö Art Academy. The courses are designed to meet current student needs and are therefore changed every year. If you wish to read more about our previous courses, please consult our yearbooks.


Close Up

Teachers: Emily Wardill with guests Adrienne Drake, Pavel S. Pyś, Carla Zaccagnini
Optional BFA-level course

The course 'Close up' will be a series of focused readings of art works, exhibitions or artists.

Looking at work rather than working from a theoretical foundation will allow us to probe the pieces themselves rather than using them as illustrations of ideas. We will be investigating their form, histories, intent, reception, context and our own relationship towards them.  'Close up' will allow us to investigate work in a way that is both analytical and inventive, to acknowledge that critical writing and speaking are creative acts that run in tandem to the work and that the art work itself must be respected as a form of communication which persists despite its different interpretations. Each work chosen may also be a portal from which to investigate time and place – economically, historically and politically and a point from which a young artist recognizes their own concerns and interpretations.

The course will be structured around a series of lectures and discussions.

The Online Cultural Wars: Transgression, Hegemony and the Arts

Teacher: Tobias Linné
Optional BFA-level course

På senare år har en kamp som beskrivits som ett ”kulturkrig på nätet” utkämpats mellan å ena sidan liberala, multikulturförespråkare och feminister, och å andra sidan den nya högern/alternativhögern. Ironi och nihilism har identifierats som viktiga vapen i det här kriget, där högergrupper har format en egen identitetspolitik genom att anamma 60-talsvänsterns överträdelser och motkultur. Genom att sammanföra perspektiv tagna från medievetenskap, sociologi, genusvetenskap och konsterna kommer vi i den här kursen ta en närmare titt på hur memgenererande subkulturella grupper som gjort överträdelsen till ett självändamål kommit att ta en central plats i den samtida politiska debatten, samt hur vit makt-idéer och nyfascism lyckats träda in i den politiska mittfåran.

The unconscious is structured like a language

Teachers: Stephan Møller & Gertrud Sandqvist
Optional MFA-level course

Psychoanalysis and language are so closely connected that it is impossible to think of them separately. Certainly, Jacques Lacan added the visual register through the mirror stage, but for him too, the instance of the letter, as he called it, is essential. This emphasis on language is also found among philosophers such as Jacques Derrida, Helène Cixous, Luce Irigaray and Judith Butler. We will devote our seminar to being literal towards these thinkers and take them literally in our investigation of the relationship between
language and the unconscious.



Teachers: P-O Persson & David Nilsson
Optional BFA-level course

The course in handling plastics gives knowledge in laminating and casting of plastics, plus basic information about the safety prescriptions in the workshop. After finishing the course, you will get a “driver’s license” that permits you to work in the workshop on your own.


Teachers: Robert Cassland, P O Persson & Ariel Alaniz
Optional BFA-level course

Through this course you gain knowledge about different welding techniques such as mig- and gas-welding as well as information about the security regulations for the different techniques. After the course you will receive a “driver’s license” that allows you to work on your own with the welding equipment.


16mm film – the fundamentals

Teachers: Joachim Koester, Sophie Ljungblom & Youngjae Lih
Optional BFA-level course

This course is designed as an introduction to the fundamental skills involved in making 16mm film. The students will learn how to use a 16mm camera, how to measure and set lights, and also 16mm film editing: how to cut and splice the film and use a Steenbeck editing table.

Forensics of the Readymade

Teachers: Kirsty Bell
Optional BFA-level course

This seminar proposes to look at the role of existing objects in artworks, to loosen these objects from the dominant narrative of Marcel Duchamp’s readymade and suggest other readings that restore their intrinsic material agency.

By shifting focus from the role of the artist’s gesture to the material qualities of objects themselves, we will examine the kinds of transfigurations that occur for these things to become carriers of wider meaning, that touch on issues related to time, memory, society, and environment.

These arguments will be constructed primarily through reference to works by artists, mainly from the last thirty years, with texts by art historians and philosophers introduced as contextualizing touchstones.

Close reading of these artworks will be employed as a way to fine-tune our own perceptions and readings of objects, experience and environment. Daily illustrated lectures will be followed by discussion groups and/or studio visits. Each student will be encouraged to keep a notebook or diary for the course of the week, to record their own relations to objects, in whatever form they choose.

Central to these discussions will be Jane Bennett’s concept of ‘Vibrant Matter’, as well as Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s theories of phenomenology. Additional texts by Kaja Silverman, Miwon Kwon, Simone Weil and Valentina Desideri will be considered.

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