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As a student at Lund University you are covered by personal injury insurance during your time at school. The insurance covers travel to and from school but does not cover incidents that occur outside of school. For more information, see

Therefore you must buy a supplementary householder´s insurance for e.g your accommodation, loss or damage to private property that you keep in your studio or at the school, loss or damage to property you borrow from the school (e.g. equipment and your studio), travels you make abroad on your own hand ie outside the university´s exchange agreement etc.

Private possessions and the equipment you borrow from Malmö Art Academy are not insured by Lund University/Malmö Art Academy. You are personally responsible for the equipment you borrow and thus liable to pay compensation in case of damage or loss. You are also personally responsible for the studio you are borrowing and thus liable to pay compensation in case of damage. Therefore, a strong recommendation for all students is to buy a householder´s insurance. There are many insurance companies to choose from and most offer student or youth discount. Check carefully what is covered by your particular insurance company! Read more about loans of equipment and rules concerning our premises here.

Insurance in connection with exhibitions at Malmö Art Academy
Students are responsible for lborrowed technical equipment and are liable for compensation if they cause damage or theft of the equipment through negligence or carelessness. Therefore, it is important that you, as a student, ensure that you have good insurance cover, for example via your home insurance, which can cover such costs.
In the event that something external creates damage/loss in the form of vandalism or burglary, Lund University can step in and bear the cost of replacing the equipment, provided that the equipment is placed and handled as is considered reasonable, both in use and during storage. This must be assessed in each individual case.
Please note that Lund University is not in a position to insure the students' artwork as these are owned by the students. If you as a student believe that your artwork has a monetary value, you should review your private insurance and ensure that it covers the cost should something happen to your artwork(s).