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Mads Kristian Frøslev - MELODRAMA

Mads Kristian

In automatic transmission systems, the neutral gear separates the engine from the wheels.
The pedal won't route power to the wheels, but you'll still be able to turn their direction
with the steering wheel.

In illusionistic narrative cinema the coupling of image and sound is a technique of the imaginary.
When the image is flooded by music, the abstract emotionality of music signifies the image,
at the same time the concreteness of image becomes a materialization of the abstractness of music.

In MELODRAMA the music-image junction is de-constructed into bits and pieces in the lit gallery.
Stacking-chairs are scattered around as the notation in an open score of melody and drama.
The foreground moves into the background, the background into the foreground, while you glide
in neutral gear on the threshold between illusion and materialism with the hands of your imaginary
on the steering wheel. The story is coupled off and left spinning freely are the dirty gears of tension,
sentiment and bliss.


2020-06-26 14:00 till 2020-07-12 16:00

Om händelsen

2020-06-26 14:00 till 2020-07-12 16:00