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Maxime Hourani - Worlds Without Us

maxime hourani
Maxime Hourani, Games of Elimination(Still), 2018. HD, various

Maxime Hourani -Worlds Without Us

23 June-07 July, 2018

Launch: 22 June, 12-16pm


Bergsgatan 29
Malmö, Sweden
Wed-Fri 12-18
Sat-Sun 12-16

Between the anthropocentric world that we create for ourselves and the world in itself which, as given to us, is out of our control and we grapple to understand it, is a dark world recognized in this exhibition as an indescribable spill that expands and branches out in other forms, acculturating and manifesting in the enigmatic, spectral and speculative planetary concept of Eugene Tacker’s “world-without-us”. In a constellation of film works, Maxime Hourani proposes an iridescent temporality as a condition to break the muteness of the petromodern world.

In 1978, the Saudi-Lebanese contractor Rafiq Hariri who made his wealth at the service of the Saudi royal family after the 1970’s global oil crisis, returned to Lebanon at the beginning of the civil war to deploy, in the name of reconstruction, one of his many transnational developments in the town of Kfar Falous. New Sidon Sun is an immersive video that interrogates the absence of modernity and the existence of humans, set in the aftermath of a spill in the ruins of the Kfar Falous Science Complex (KFSC).

Games of Elimination is a multi channel video showing the outcome of “Jag bor på Fossilgatan”, a theater workshop produced in collaboration with performance artist Ebba Petrèn. The workshop takes its schema from a protest to demand fossil fuel divestment that took place in Malmö and was trivial in the history of Swedish climate activism. Energy company workers, activists and individuals that work around the field of energy were  invited to a public workshop to inspect through a set of games the value of autonomy in the place of work and the place of commons. The encounter of the participant’s subjectivities in improvised scenes contests the thought of coming together from below, in a capitalist world-ecology. 

2018-06-22 12:00 till 2018-07-07 16:00
Galleri KHM2

Om händelsen

2018-06-22 12:00 till 2018-07-07 16:00
Galleri KHM2