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Information about the coronavirus/covid-19

Information for students at Malmö Art Academy


The updated vice-chancellor's decision from 17 June states that Lund university will, from the start of the autumn semester, begin gradual and orderly adaptation to educational activities which are not restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This entails, among others, that teaching and assessment of study performance may be conducted on the University's premises from the start of the autumn semester. Adaptation will take place based on the conditions at each of the units as well as in relation to the current rate of infection, the Government’s plan for rolling back restrictions and the Public Health Agency’s general advice and recommendations. Adaptation is to be completed by 1 November 2021. You can read more about the vice-chancellor´s decision here:

This means that we have now the possibility to return to campus-based teaching at Malmö Art Academy. However, the Corona pandemic is far from over and the directives stresses a gradual and orderly adaptation.

At Malmö Art Academy this means that we will gradually open up the access to our premises, that more and more educational activities (courses, seminars, studio visits etc) will take place on campus and that the interaction among staff and students will increase gradually.

We will also have the possibility to carry out education components abroad which means using our studios in Amsterdam and Berlin as well as reopen our exchange programmes – all this to the extent possible while taking into consideration any travel restrictions, the receiving country’s and the higher education institution’s rules, regulations and recommendations.

Many activities like meetings, conferences or other gatherings will still, as far as possible, be conducted using digital tools. In cases where physical gatherings are held, all recommendations for reducing the spread of the virus must be followed.

The balance between the amount of campus-based teaching and distance learning is decided by the department management preceded by risk assessments.

Below you can read about our plans for the fall semester and the measures for reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19 that Malmö Art Academy is implementing. This information will soon be published on our website.

Opening hours

Opening hours and availability are adapted to Malmö Art Academy's capacity and resources in relation to the current risk of infection. From August 30, our opening hours are more generous (see below). It´s our hope that we from November 1st can return to opening hours as they were before the pandemia.


  • A mix of courses on campus and online courses

This autumn we offer a generous selection of courses on campus. To ensure a low risk of spreading the virus, the teaching will take place in small and carefully controlled groups with a maximum of 1-15 people, depending on the size of the teaching room.

  • Introductory courses for BFA1, new MFA1 and exchange students

The introductions will take place on site in small and carefully controlled groups, with a maximum of 1-15 people depending on the size of the classroom.


  • Individual studios and project rooms

Opening hours and availability are set to 24/7.

Project rooms can only be used by the student granted a project period.
A simplified, digital distribution procedure of the studios will be implemented.
Note that Båghallarna is still divided into two zones to avoid unnecessary crowding at the entrances and the toilets.

  • Student kitchens

Open at both Båghallarna and Dimman. The allowed number of students will be limited in order to avoid meetings and possible crowding.

  • Heavy workshops – a gradual opening

Work in the heavy workshops will be allowed to 1-8 people, depending on the size of the classroom and under the supervision of staff. The maximum number of people will be posted on the door.
Opening hours and availability are: Monday-Thursday 7-23, Friday 7-16.

PLUScards have to be used after 1600.

  • Digital workshops – a gradual opening

Work in the digital workshops will be allowed to a limited number of students 1-4 people, depending on the size of the classroom.

Opening hours and availability are set to daily 07-23.
NB. In the video editing rooms, only 1 person per day is allowed. The maximum number of people will be posted on the door. Booking to video editing and computer room is done online at and a condition for use.

  • Gallery KHM1 & KHM2

All our exhibitions are public and the number of visitors will be limited to a maximum of 10 people at a time. The scheduled exhibitions this semester are New Student Exhibition (open) 11-25.9 and the Edstrandska Exhibition (open 30.10-28.11).

Booking to the galleries is done online at and a condition for use.

  • The Library

The library will be open and available to students and staff, but the number of visitors is carefully regulated and limited to a maximum of 5 people. Therefore, all visits to the library have to be booked in advance at or in agreement with the librarian Sophie Nilsson sophie [dot] nilsson [at] khm [dot] lu [dot] se.

  • The Technical Equipment room

Lending will only take place during highly controlled forms where the interaction between staff and student is carefully planned in order to maintain distance and safety.

Opening hours will therefore remain limited until 20211031. Loans can be applied for by appointment. Apply by mail, in good time, to sophie [dot] ljungblom [at] khm [dot] lu [dot] se

Timeslot for appointment must also be booked. Equipment will be given out Mondays 09.00-10.30 and must be returned Fridays 10.00-12.00.

  • Securitas (surveillance company)

Securitas will patrol as usual but now with updated instructions regarding access.

Read more at:


  • Teachers

Many of Malmö Art Academy's teachers live abroad and this autumn they will perform their teaching (courses, seminars and studio visits) both on campus and remotely. Public defences of phd dissertations are for now planned to take place online.

  • Administration

Access to the office and library will remain limited by meetings/visits by appointment via email or telephone until 20211031.
External visits, ie from the public, are regulated through, among other things, the intercom.

  • Technicians

Access and contact with technical staff will be limited by meetings/visits/supervision and tutoring in the workshops by agreement via email or telephone until 20211031.

Information signs and equipment

We will remind you to keep your distance, inform yourself about our safety regulations and instructions, etc. through notices, signs, distance dots, e-mails and our website.
Hand sanitizers will be available in teaching rooms, in the workshops, in the corridors and at the entrances to Malmö Art Academy, as well as adequate protective equipment in our workshops and where appropriate. Additional cleaning will be purchased when needed. The technical-administrative (TA) staff is responsible for this, but if something is missing somewhere, please send an email to Kristian Nordström Kimbré kristian [dot] kimbre [at] khm [dot] lu [dot] se. However, the most important thing is to a keep distance of 2 meters, wash your hands thoroughly and stay home at the slightest symptom.


Our head of department and administrative director has the overall responsibility for a good working environment and for minimizing the risks of Covid-19 infection at the Malmö Art Academy. However, everyone bears a personal responsibility for complying with the requirements set by the Swedish Public Health Agency, Lund University and our faculty.

A reminder about the three most important measures to reduce the spread of infection:

  • Keep a distance of at least 2 meters.
  • Observe good hygiene (wash and sanitize your hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow and avoid touching your face).
  • Stay at home at the slightest sign of feeling unwell (fever, sore throat, runny nose or cough).

Further the following applies:

  • All (students and staff) who have the least symptoms of a cold/illness must stay at home.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and preferably disinfect them when you have been out or when you have touched, for example, handles or other things that many people touch.
  • In particular, keep the distance in the classrooms, workshops, in the library, in the corridors, at copy machines, ie wherever larger collections easily arise.
  • Respect our restrictions about the maximum number of people who may stay in a room and the requirement of at least 2 meters between people. In specific circumstances when the distance can´t be respected make sure to wear safety equipment (face mask, gloves etc.
  • Help to ensure that the teaching room or workshop you are in is properly ventilated and that the windows are closed at the end of the day.
  • Also help to clean door-handles and window-handles in our teaching rooms and workshops at regular intervals.
  • Remember to enter teaching rooms, workshops, meeting rooms and through entrances, one by one, with a distance of 2 meters.
  • Tools, equipment and other materials as well as protective materials should not be shared or sent between each other.
  • Avoid staying in our common rooms more than necessary.
  • In connection with the use of Malmö Art Academy's keyboards and mice you must thoroughly clean and disinfect after each use. For other equipment, follow the instructions from the technicians.
  • There will be equipment for hand disinfection and cleansing tools and equipment in each room so that you can clean tools and surfaces after use.

Contact the responsible technician if you are missing something or if you are unsure about the handling.

  • There will be adequate protective equipment in all teaching rooms and workshops.

Contact the responsible technician if you are missing something or if you are unsure about the handling.

Your work environment

If you belong to a risk group, please contact Maj Hasager maj [dot] hasager [at] khm [dot] lu [dot] se or Silvana Hed silvana [dot] hed [at] khm [dot] lu [dot] se. If an adaptation of the education is not possible, you have the right to apply for a study break with a place guarantee or to apply to postpone the start of your studies in accordance with 33§ Högskoleförordningen (1993: 100) and Universitets-och högskolerådets föreskrifter (UHRFS 2013: 3).

Keep yourself updated with the latest on the university's decisions regarding corona-related issues at There you can also get other advices for you as a new student