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Information about covid-19

Letter from Silvana, 1/5


Dear all,


Last week we informed you about several ongoing activities at Malmö Art Academy. This week we don´t have many new news to share with you so we will recycle some of from last week.


One positive new thing though is that KKV Grafik has contacted us with the following message:

Students who can indenpendently with silk screen are welcome to KKV Grafik. Please email on beforehand for arrangements and booking since KKV Grafik only can allow a few persons to work at the same time in the workshop. There are some limited possibilities to get assistance while you are there on Mondays 13-17 but this has to be according to agreement.

You can email KKV Grafik at: kkvgrafik [at] telia [dot] com and you can read more about KKV Grafik at:


 Activities going on at Malmö Art Academy:

  • Earlier in March–April there have been studio visits with Joao Penalva, Fredrik Vaerslev, Nina Roos and Maria Hedlund
  • In early April Kira Nova had an online course open to all students called 7 day Power Trip Boot Camp. 
  • Admissions MFAAR last week are completed
  • Admissions MFA this week, were complested yestrday


  • Studio visits with Matts Leiderstam, Fredrik Vaerslev, Christine Ödlund, Emily Wardill and Joao Penalva in April-May
  • Rosa Barba´s course Setting a Performative Frame wil start as studio visits 4, 5 and 8 May and group seminars 26 – 27 May 10.00 – 15.00
  • External examinator Alexis Vaillant will meet BFA3 students online May 4-7. He will meet the teachers on May 8 to share his opinion.
  • Equality Board Meeting  6 May 10.00 via Zoom
  • Department Board Meeting 12 May 13.00 via Zoom
  • Text seminar MFA2 via zoom, 18 – 20 May 10.00 – 17.00


  • The Annual Exhibition opens 20 May and the work is in progress.
  • The Master Exhibitions are moved online, the MFA students are working hard with their exhibitions.


Other activities and opportunities:

  • The KUNO network (the cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic art academies) is adjusting to the situation and currently there is one KUNO Express course, hosted by EKA Tallinn and taking place online, that is open to apply for (deadline 1st of May):


 Remember that you can still get service online from the staff. So don´t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need help.


Continue to take care of yourself and each other! Therefore, it is important that we, both students and staff:

·       continue to study/work from home if possible

·      maintain distance from each other

·      do not socialise in large groups.


 My best



27/3 Letter From Evalena


Dear students, 


In this weekly email we update you on what is happening and what the school is planning for in the near future.

 Maria, Margot and PO has begun to look at the possibilities of conducting the annual exhibition digitally. You will receive more information from them later today or during next week.

 Important information to our MFA2 students is that IAC, still keeps its premises open for individual work in studios and project spaces for students, teachers, doctoral students and researchers at Lund University. It is important to note that the work is done without ”hands-on” supervision.

Please contact technicians at IAC for more information:

Jonas Jönsson <jonas [dot] jonsson [at] iac [dot] lu [dot] se>,

Magnus Pålsson <magnus [dot] palsson [at] iac [dot] lu [dot] se>,

Margot Edström <margot [dot] edstrom [at] khm [dot] lu [dot] se>


From Tuesday 31 March the studio visits will move online. You will get an email telling which lists that are about to come up the day before the lists are published as google docs.The lists will be open for you to sign up on until the day before the studio visits period starts.  

You meet via zoom or Skype or other possible media that the teacher choose.

Remeber to always check the different lists carefully and fill out the information the teacher require.


 Zoom – a great tool for communication:

For those of you that don’t know you are free to use Lund University’s tool Zoom for having digital meetings, in these Corona times.


Here is a tutorial on how to accept a zoom-meeting invitation.


For more info about E-meetins in Zoom


In english:


 Around LU there are a lot of interesting initiatives carried our. You can read more about them here (unfortunately for now only in Swedish but see NEWS on the International website

  • Vi har en sida som samlar alla nyhetsartiklar, experter och goda initiativ inom universitetet som är relaterade till corona-krisen här:  
  • Vi har valt att lyfta ut alla goda initiativ som görs inom verksamheten, av medarbetare och studenter, på en egen sida under en gemensam hashtag:

 Remember to keep yourself updated by checking:



20/3 Letter from Gertrud and Silvana


Our main priority in these difficult times is the safety and well-being of our students, our staff and the community around us.

This is an extraordinary situation for all of us and things are changing very rapidly. The University has decided that education and examinations should be conducted using online alternatives (distance education) from 18 March. We are therefore entering an intense period were the whole staff will focus on implementing this transition in the best possible way. We plead to you to understand that we do not have all answers at this very moment and we plead to you to be patient. We need time for thinking and planning. All students will get all necessary information as soon as we can so please be patient. We are doing everything we can to handle this situation in the best and safest way for all our students and staff.



From today Wednesday 18th march all parts of the education and examination will be digital


·         All students will be informed and receive all necessary information in due time


·         Malmö art academy has taken a local decision to close down all premises used for education. this includes studios, all workshops, equipment room and the library


All of you are expected to continue your studies from your home – work at the academy is no longer permitted

You have to bring home the things you need from your studios asap – the situation may change any day

Mfa2-students who have certain needs to borrow equipment may after approval from your tutor contact sophie

Students who have to return equipment are urged to do so asap

Students who have to return book to the library are urged to do so asap – please use the return box

 Mfa2 students who wish to document art works that are ready may do so asap (today or tomorrow)


 Bfa3 students who wish to document the exhibition in khm1 & khm2 may do so asap (today or tomorrow)


Monday 23rd march at 0800 your key cards will be deactivated, earlier if necessay so check you emails frequently


17/3 Letter from Gertrud and Silvana

The Swedish Public Health Authority has recommended that all high schools and all higher education institutions shall close down their physical premises. All education must take place online from today Wednesday 18th March.

The Lund University has understood this like that all examination and education shall take place online. It means for us  that all workshops are now closed. That goes also for the equipment room and our small library. You’ll have to turn back all equiment you have borrowed.

All courses and all tutoring will move online. Please note that this concerns also video editing equiments! But all teachers and techicians are still at work. You can reach them online, and they’ll continue to help you. The library and Madeleine will help you with all you need – online.

Note that this means that from now you are expected to stay at home and continue your studies!

We understand that you need time to empty your studios and you must do that as soon as possible since the situation can change very quickly. You have time until Monday 23rd March 0800 to enter your studios and take what you’ll need. After that, the whole school, meaning Båghallarna and Dimman, will be locked and you will not get access through your key-cards. The galleries will remain closed and they will not be accessible for you after 23rd Monday. BUT again, this does not mean that you should spend time at Båghallarna or Dimman until Monday!

For the MFA2- students, we’ll arrange for online exhibitions including models of the galleries, with files with documentaions of your work. You’ll do the online shows according to the schedule for the exhibitions. This means that it will be possible to do the examinations on basis of this. Your tutors will be in contact with you regarding this. The same thing goes for the BFA3- students.

The text seminars for BFA3 and MFA2 will take place online.

For the MFA2- students, the school will arrange a big show this Autumn, so you can show you works in real life. We’ll come back on where and when.  

For our other students we will come back with more information about digital studio visits etc.

As you know, this is a unique situation, and things might change. We’ll do our best to keep you updated, so please check your school-email every day!