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SECURITAS and their routines

It is important for us all that you feel safe and comfortable in our new buildings. It is also important that we avoid any injuries, damages or theft of all our valuable equipment and personal belongings. Therefore, Securitas (the surveillance company) has an important task to do: checking that everything is ok, that you can work safely in our buildings and that all windows and doors are closed when you leave. In order to help them and avoid unnecessary disturbances, please make sure that all windows are closed and follow our security rules which remains the same as before.

 Securitas will patrol every evening after 21.and their task is to contribute to increased security for students, staff and property.

 Securitas have instructions to secure that:

  • No unauthorised persons are in the building
  • No work is performed in the wood workshop, the plastic workshop as well as on machines classified as risky in the metal workshop. These workplaces are open between 9.00-16.00
  • No windows are left open
  • Turn off lights and dishwashing machines if active 
  • General security rules (same as before) are followed – you find them in the attached document

This means that in certain circumstances the patrolling officer will knock on your door and verify that everything is in order. If a window is open, the officer will enter and close the window if the student/staff is not present. The officers enters using a flashlight. Any action from the patrolling officer will be reported to us. Note that the instructions to Securitas is that the patrolling officers have to knock on the door (to studios, offices, meeting rooms, project rooms, photo and video studio, photo lab and other workshops) and never enter the room if student or staff are present. They are instructed to stay at the doorstep, explain their errand and show most possible respect. Student and staff in return are required to follow the general rules and being able to identify themselves with a valid LU-card and identity card.

 Please bear in mind that Securitas change staff from time to time and that all patrolling officers are not familiar with our buildings so do not hesitate to let us know if anything is not working well.