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Lea Porsager awarded with the Eckersberg Medal

porträtt på en kvinna med rött lockigt hår i svarta kläder
Lea Porsager, 2023. Photo by Petra Kleis

Huge congratulations to our former Doctoral student Lea Porsager with the Eckersberg Medal, awarded by Akademiraadet, the council of the Royal Danish Academy of Art!

Lea Porsager's works give us a new look at how the world and knowledge are materialized, entangled and connected. In the quantum world, we talk about entanglement: her works unfold in a wide range of media and dimensions, with titles and words in a cryptic, apocalyptic language.

With the occult, esoteric work Anatta Experiment at Documenta 13, she established herself internationally. She has been selected for a stay at CERN, the European Organization for High Energy Physics, in search of neutrino particles. In Stockholm, she has created a striking memorial with monumental gravitational waves, delicately woven into the landscape, and at Charlottenborg Kunsthal, giant sawn-off windmill blades have penetrated the rooms with powerful exhaustion.

Lea Porsager's works suggest a speculative expansion of the sensory apparatus. Mysticism, eroticism, quantum physics. In the animation HORNY VACUUM, the audience experiences the virtual neutrino horns through 3D glasses, added and 3rd eye.

big bang gang bang gOng gOng. blOw the hOrn.

For her convincing ability to repel and entangle sizes and create a superposition in the artistic field, Lea Porsager is awarded the Eckersberg Medal.

Text courtesy of the Academy Council.