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Alumna: Mette Riise in Kunstnerkolonien

Six persons in front of a mountain-view. Photograph.
The participants in Kunstnerkolonien. Photo: DR.

Alumna Mette Riise is one of the participants in the Danish television program 'Kunstnerkolonien' broadcasted on DR. The program brings together six prominent artists to create an artist colony in the iconic location of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. After 14 days, the artists showcase the works they have created during their stay.

In her artistic exploration, Mette Riise delves into questions such as "What is the role and value of the artist in the capitalocene?" By engaging in different industries like stand-up comedy and the TV world, and by taking residence in an accounting department, Riise explores economic reasoning, climate modeling, institutional critique, and popular culture.

In an interview with DR, Riise shares her experience in Ravello, reflecting on the contrasts between the idyllic surface and the tragic reality of boat refugees attempting to reach Europe. "When we arrive as artists and tourists, it's paradise with beautiful weather and stunning views, but at the same time, it's also a view of an enormous graveyard," says Mette Riise, referring to the many boat refugees who drown in their attempt to reach Europe. "At the same time, we sit there and are happy, toasting, and the wine tastes good, and in that way, the contrasts become really clear," she adds.

Mette Riise, who diverges from the traditional artistic path, is fascinated by economic models and business aesthetics. Her works explore the role of money as power and the global power dynamics influencing our world.

Mette Riise's participation in 'Kunstnerkolonien' provides a unique insight into her artistic journey and her endeavor to comprehend and challenge the complex issues of economy, climate, and society.

Read the interview with Mette Riise on DR.