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Nuvarande student


All students, except students that have completed their education have access to the studios during the summer months but the studios have to be cleaned, restored and ready for a new student on August 31, 2021 when the fall semester starts.

BFA1, BFA2, BFA3 students continuing to MFA-program and MFA1 students will have access to their studios/ group rooms during summer. Tomorrow you will receive information on opening hours for workshops and other facilities.

BFA1, BFA2, BFA3 students continuing to MFA-program, MFA1 students: cleaning and restoring your studios in preparation for the fall semester

  • Students who will not use their studios over the summer have to clean and restore their studios June 14 at latest. If you are working in your studios during the summer you have to clean and restore August 20 at latest.
  • Please place all furniture/stuff in the middle of the room. Staff will check all studios on June 15.

Contact Kristian if you have any concerns on this matter.

Graduating students from BFA3 (this does not apply to students continuing to MFA-program), MFA2 and exchange students:    

  • You have to clean, empty and restore your studios June 14 at latest.
  • Your access to the school will be terminated from June 15. Staff will check all studios on June 15.

The exceptions are MFA2 students exhibiting during the summer period; Carina Solothurnmann, Filip Vest, Sofie Amalie Andersen, Elisabet Birta Sveinsdottir, Øystein Sølberg, Dagmar Kestner.

Students exhibiting during the summer are welcome to contact Silvana Hed if you need to keep your studio after June 14.

 Availability during the summer

 Studios open all summer:

  • Individual studios, MFAAR study room and project rooms will be open daily 07-23.

Digital workshops open all summer:

No technical assistance will be available week 28-30.

Equipment room:

  • The technical equipment room will be closed week 28-32.

Equipment loans is still strictly limited due to the situation with covid-19. Absolutely necessary loans can be applied for; but by appointment only. By default these times are still limited to Monday AM (loans) - Friday AM (returning). Apply for equipment and timeslot by mail to Sophie L.

Heavy workshops:

  • The wood workshop, plastic and hazardous machinery in the metal workshop will be closed week 29-32.

No technical assistance will be available during that period. The metal, wood mounting, ceramics and plaster workshops are open Mon-Thur 07-23, Fri 07-16 all summer.


  • The library is closed week 25-28

During the rest of the summer the library is open by appointment. Make your reservation at

The administration:

  • The administration is open by appointment only. Working hours are limited during week 28-30.

You can reach us by email: khm [at] khm [dot] lu [dot] se


Libguide speciellt utformad för dig som är doktorand vid Konsthögskolan i Malmö.