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A large part of the training at the Academy of Fine Arts consists of independent artistic work and therefore all students have access to a studio throughout the study. At each new school year each student chooses a new studio space in Båghallarna or at Dimman. If you can not attend ensure that no other student can act as a representative for you. Otherwise, you are granted a studio by the teacher. Note that you as a student are required to follow the rules of Lund University and the landlord when you use the premises.


Loaning and returning equipment and keys to project studios etc. is managed Monday, Wednesday and Thurday 9:00-10:30 in the equipment room at Båghallarna. Make your equipment-reservations on the booking list outside the equipment room.

To be able to borrow you must deposit 600 SEK and read and sign the current loan-agreement. The deposition will be refunded after finished studies provided you have no current loans or debts. In order to be refunded you need a receipt from Sophie Ljungblom confirming this.

The loan periods are as follows; Monday to Friday, Wednesday to Monday or Friday to Wednesday. If you don't return things on time you'll be suspended from loans for as long as the delay has lasted. For delays in returning photo-, video- or sound-equipment another two weeks will be added to that suspension.

You are personally responsible for the equipment that you borrow and thus liable to pay compensation in case of damage or loss. Therefore, a householder´s insurance is usually a good solution. Check carefully what is covered by your particular insurance company! Don't ever lend equipment that you have borrowed to someone else. As long as a loan is registered on you, you're the one responsible for it. That means that you'll have to compensate for any lost or broken items.


There is a printer/copy machine at Dimman, Mazetti and Båghallarna where you can print, copy or scan material. Information about using the machines can be found at


To get access to Malmö Art Academy`s premises you need a LU-card. In Malmö we advice you to go to the front desk at the Music Academy, Ystadvägen 25, Malmö. Their opening hours are Mon-Wed at 10-12am. Bring an identification card or passport  They will take a photo of you and make the card while you wait, usually it is made in 5 minutes. When you got the card contact Joakim Sima or Sophie Ljungblom who can activate it for you. Follow the link for information about other card offices and their opening hours.

The LU card is also used as a library card. Contact our librarian Madeleine Bergquist to activate this function.


Naturally, all students must clean up after themselves and help to keep all common rooms and areas (for example the photo laboratory, the computer room, the workshops, the annex, the student coffee rooms, the video studio, the library) tidy and in order. The student’s kitchen is cleaned by the students themselves, except for the floors. Due to safety reasons (risk of fire) it is not permitted to store materials or artwork in corridors or stairs. The Fire Authorities require free escape routes and the schools risks severe penalties (fines or closure) for non-compliance. Materials, furniture or artwork stored in corridors or stairs without permission will be removed and discarded. Students with studios housing the same floor are jointly responsible for making sure that the common areas on that floor are kept in order. This also goes for the brush wash-rooms on the floor three, four and five.

Always check the evacuation boards so that you know where alternative evacuation routes exist.





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