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Your education

You choose from a range of courses each semester. The courses can be in artistic creation, theory or technical courses. A semester should consist of both courses and individual studio practice.

The education should consist of approximately 50% courses and 50% individual studio practice but this may vary according to individual needs. The allotment of credit points between courses and individual studio practice should be reflected throughout the context of the whole studio programme. Students are also expected to participate in the Annual Exhibition at the academy. All new students are required to show works from their application for admission in the New Students Exhibition.

Students will be admitted to a certain amount of courses and will receive a letter once admitted. If for some reason they are not able to participate in a course they have been admitted to or if they change their mind and don’t want to take the course, students need to de-register. Please contact Gertrud Sandqvist and PO Persson at the latest three weeks before the course starts for approval. After that deadline de-registration is no longer possible and students are obliged to participate in the courses they have been admitted to or they will lose credits. 

Note: Students cannot get credits for individual work instead! Valid reasons to not participate after confirmation of admission to a course are only illness or very specific circumstances authorized by Gertrud Sandqvist or PO Persson. Charlotta Österberg, the person who is in charge of the registration in the LADOK (credit registration system) will administer the changes in LADOK


Courses are graded according to a Pass/Fail system based mainly on participation, assignments and attendance.

The examiner of the course is the teacher of the class and credit points will be registered when the course is completed and the attendance is recorded. The examination form for courses at Malmö Art Academy is mainly based on the principle of participation (minimum 80% attendance) but other forms may occur (written examination, etc). The student has the right to be re-examined and at Malmö Art Academy this is mainly done by supplementary assignments or tasks. The examiner takes a decision upon the form of re-examination.  The general rule is that 80% presence is the minimum required to pass a course but in most cases students will need to compensate for non-attendance. Students should contact the teacher responsible for the course to decide on a way to supplement the missed lessons. During the course, in order to receive 100% attendance recorded, students must arrive on time and stay for the whole lesson. Note: It is not acceptable to “check in” and leave the class after a short time! If a student does not pass a course due to a lack of attendance they cannot replace these credits for individual studio work instead.

Individual Studio Practice 

Malmö Art Academy does not have any departments or divisions between artistic disciplines. The core of the education offered is based on individual supervision and the students’ studio practice. Students have frequent opportunities to meet a wide range of both Malmö Art Academy teachers and external visiting supervisors for individual tutoring. The studio visits are based on the students’ own initiative and free choice. It is therefore important that students plan their studio visits carefully over the semester.

To be granted credits for courses in individual studio practice, students are required to have at least two studio visits per semester with the academy’s teaching staff or external tutors.  Please note: For a pass grade at least one of the studio visits must be with a professor from the academy. The professors at Malmö Art Academy are Gertrud Sandqvist, Joachim Koester, Emily Wardill and Fredrik Vaerslev. The Teachers are Maj Hasager, Maria Hedlund, P-O Persson, Margot Edström. The External Tutors are Charif Benhelima, Matts Leiderstam, João Penalva, Nina Roos, Christine Ödlund.

Regular studio visits are one of the most important educational tools that Malmö Art Academy offers and they are required to obtain a pass grade for the courses in individual practice. It is therefore very important that students sign up and attend regular studio discussions with the academy’s teaching staff. At the start of each academic year, all returning students have individual meetings with the Rector and a Professor at the academy to discuss their plans. 

Grades for individual practice are mainly based on the teachers’ assessment of their studio visits. In order for students to be graded fairly and in accordance with the programme syllabus, studio visits will be followed up through the studio visit lists and reporting from the teaching staff. Each semester the faculty meets and reviews the individual student’s progress, where an evaluation and overview of the student’s work is discussed so that the faculty can best advise them going forward. It is the responsibility of the student’s tutor to notify them in advance if they are at risk of failing.

The academy’s teaching staff are generally fully booked so it is very important that students respect the appointment time and show up to their booked studio visits. If for some reason a student is unable to use their booked studio appointment, it is important to inform the academy by removing their name from the list or notifying the administration.

All studio visits start at the agreed time. Be punctual! Information is sent out via email so students should check their inbox regularly.

Studio Visit Registration

Under normal circumstances the studio visit lists, where students can sign up for studio visits, will be posted every second month on the board outside the offices at Mazetti, Bergsgatan 29, 3rd floor. Students will be notified about the possibility to sign up by e-mail.

The academy’s external supervisors Rosa Barba, Alejandro Cesarco, Charif Benhelima, Matts Leiderstam, Joao Penalva, Nina Roos and Christine Ödlun, now have a number of fixed students who are guaranteed a studio visit each time these supervisors visit the academy. In addition to these appointments, they may also have bookable appointments.

The other teaching staff at the academy have open lists where students can choose with whom they wish to book a studio visit and at what time.

As an Exchange student

To be able to do a valid assessment and to receive credits as an exchange student, students must have participated in at least one course per semester and have had at least one studio visit per month with either the school’s teachers or the external tutors. If you have questions please contact Charlotta Österberg or Gertrud Sandqvist.