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Equality board

Our Equality Board consists of representatives from students, teachers, technical staff and the rector. The group aims to strengthen and develop equality, fairness and inclusion at the school.

Equality Board 

Members of the board meet two-three times per semester and strive to strengthen the discussion around matters such as equality, equity, and inclusion at Malmö Art Academy (e.g the preventive work against discrimination). This is to ensure and practice a good social and safe environment for everybody.

The equality board consists of the rector/teacher, a technician, and any number of dedicated student representatives. This creates the possibility to involve and communicate between different levels of our small department, creating a link between the institution and the general discussions of the student body as well at faculty level.

Representatives 2022-2023

Zsófia Boda, BFA32

My Sjöberg, MFA1

Maj Hasager (representative from teaching staff and rector)

Kristian Kimbré (representative from technical staff)

Youngjae Lih (representative from teaching staff)

The Student Unions role

Matters of equality and preventive work against discrimination are brought up and discussed amongst the student body at our monthly student union meeting. The student union meetings are a safe forum where we can, as a group, discuss sensitive matters including topics such as; the social culture of the school, matters of inclusion, language-(use), information transparency and reflecting upon everyday social interactions.

 To guarantee a safe contact platform a student can contact the board by email at equalitybrdkhm [at] gmail [dot] com or verbally to a member of the board or student representative who can help manage how the issue could/should be solved and with what forum. As the situation is now, the rector is in the equality board, but any matters will be dealt with firsthand by the student representatives.

Our mandate involves facilitating general discussions and providing information on support structures for the students at KHM. We cannot go into individual issues or pass on any second-hand information to the institution, but we can direct and share information on the

appropriate channels and possibilities a student can activate if they experience discrimination or any other difficulties at Malmö Art Academy. For contact info with studentombud click here:

We post general information and documents concerning equality and equity on ‘The equality whiteboard’ placed at Båghallarna and Dimman. Students’ concerns can also be written here.


equalitybrdkhm [at] gmail [dot] com (equalitybrdkhm[at]gmail[dot]com)

The equality board email is only accessible to student representatives in the equality board, unless other requests are stated.