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BFA3 - examination

You are to write a bachelor’s essay on approximately 5 pages, and the deadline is 1st of March 2024. Please write in your preferred language, and the school will provide translation of the text in dialogue with the yearbook editor.

Gertrud Sandqvist will tutor you individually on the text, and you can contact her as often as you wish during the writing process. Gertrud’s email address is Gertrud [dot] Sandqvist [at] khm [dot] lu [dot] se

The essay is not supposed to be an academic paper, and not a literary work, but an essay. You don’t need to make an analysis of your own work, but you are to present the context of your work – references, background, and where you are heading. A part of the references should be artistic. If you choose not to have any artistic references, you’ll need to explain why in the text. The references can of course also be philosophical, political, musical etc. You will get an introduction to references and bibliography by librarian Madeleine Bergquist

After Gertrud has approved of the texts they will be sent to a translator. You will work with the translator so the meaning of your text is intact in the English version. The texts will be presented in a text seminar 25-27. March 2024 together with your peers in the BFA3 group. In the seminar, each of you will get one of your colleague’s texts to oppose on, meaning that you’ll read carefully through the text, present it to the seminar and pose questions to it, for approximately 30 minutes. After that the professors will make their comments on the text. Followed by an open session for general comments from the group. All in all, each text will be discussed for one hour.

After the seminar you’ll have two weeks to make alterations before they’ll finally be sent to the copy editor, whom you will work with to complete the essay in an English version before it will be published in the yearbook. The work with the copy editor is an important part of the process and exam, and you need to go carefully through the text. The role of the copy editor is to get the English text correct after the translation, and before it will be published in the yearbook.