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Maria Hedlund

Maria Hedlund

Universitetslektor i fri konst

Maria Hedlund

Memory of things


  • Maria Hedlund

Summary, in Swedish

Grupputställning, två personer, curator Renée Padt
ALLART NOW, Stockholm

Things, the inanimate materials surrounding us in our home, they usually outlive us in time, transforming the mundane into material evidence. But what histories lie within or beyond them? Is the relation each thing carries only just to itself? What memory does a thing hold?

"Memory of Things" presents two new works, Re-Construction, an installation by Sahar Al-khateeb and Some kind of knowledge: Sketches in color (2021), a photographic installation by Maria Hedlund, two artists who in their work share a fascination, or even a fixation, with things. As a metaphor for a state of in-betweenness, of displacement or relocation, what’s left behind and broken connections; as a reflection on the transience of life.
Ordinary familiar things, such as a chair, a TV, or a pot plant, are the protagonists of the works. Discarded, not having passed the test of time, they reveal the cracks and traces of time.

Portrayed as somewhat distorted domestic scenes, void of people like uncanny still lives, they resonate with decay or loss as much as they echo the melancholy or beauty of impermanence. As modern-day vanitas, depicting left-overs of the daily life of unknown people, they take on new meaning and become sites of memory and forgetfulness, where time or place do not seem to exist.
Memory, after all, is linear nor static, there is always more than one narrative, multiple perceptions, and even more inconsistencies.


  • Konsthögskolan i Malmö






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  • Visual Arts